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Rosa R. Hernandez
Owner & Director

Over 25 years experience as a registered and licensed home provider.  Rosa and her husband Alberto reside in Austin, TX and have three children (Albert, Marc and Ashley).


- Williamson County Professional Home Child Care Association
- Pfulgerville Professional Child Care Association
- United Home Child Care Association
- Austin Professional Home Child Care Association
- Texas Professional Home Child Care Association


Message from Rosa

On child care:

"As a professional Caregiver, I will never try to be a substitute "mommy," however; I will provide safe, loving, nurturing, age appropriate care for your child while she/he is at my home.  The children will be supervised at all times, and will never be abused or neglected while in my care. If I suspect that a child has been abused or neglected, I will not hesitate to call the proper authorities, in compliance with the state law."


On discipline:

"I follow the DISCIPLINE AND GUIDANCE POLICY recommended by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services provided in the Minimum Standards for Child-Care Homes.  Discipline is one type of positive reinforcement.  When children act in a way that creates danger for them, others or the environment, I will redirect their behavior with firm, positive statements.  I will never use any form of corporal punishment on any child in my care.  It is my belief that children under the age of six months cannot be spoiled, therefore, they will always be responded to appropriately when they are in distress.  I will promote independence, the learning of problem solving techniques, and caring for others as the children are ready to grasp these concepts."

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